Thursday, May 3, 2012

I dropped a tire iron on my toe and the blister,
After some bluster, burst the nail
And when I lifted the hood I saw my father.
This was going to run me about a grand

Which I had no interest in paying, since
The day was already getting on and I was hungry,
So down went the hood and the bid got tacked to the fridge
Next to magnetic calendars and plastic clips biting stained recipes.

You would have done the same if you saw your father under your toenail.
It was the big toe, the daddy of them all, and he was there but there was no gout
And the blood from the burst blister spilled into the grout and I took a bid
From the tileman too but he was just the same as you or me,

With his father looking up through blood and covered with a sock
Sometimes, and only for a few minutes after you wash him he is satisfied,
Which is all I need to say to explain why I didn’t take his business
Especially when you know that the tileman is my father.

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